Hudson In Home Physical Therapy

  Expert fall prevention and more in the comfort of your own home.

Services Provided

Nobody knows your body better than you. So our physical therapy uses collaborative care approach, where we work together to meet your physical rehabilitation goals. Our primary mission is to provide you effective and high-quality physical therapy treatment in the privacy and comfort of your home. No matter the type of pain you are experiencing, our goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate discomfort to enhance your overall physical function. We treat conditions related to balance, gait, surgical proedures, orthopedic, neurological and more.
Through our commitment to continuing education, you can trust that the services we provide are the newest and most advanced physical therapy treatment available for physical therapy and physical rehabilitation needs such as:

Difficulty Walking or Abnormal Gait
History of Falls & Fall Prevention
Loss of Balance & Fall Prevention
Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis
Soft Tissue and Joint Injuries
Post-Surgical Rehabiliation (Total Knee, Hip, Back, Shoulder Surgeries)
Neurological Problems (Stroke Rehabilitation, Parkinson’s Disease, Neuropathy.)
Difficulty or Loss of Activities of Daily Living
Musculoskeletal Pain
Decline in Fitness and Strength
Loss of Range of Motion
Poor Posture
In-home Safety Evaluation or Equipment Modification

Services Include:
Therapeutic Exercises
Improvement of Strength and Range of Motion
Functional Training
Occupational Training
Transfer Training
Gait and Balance Training
Manual and Hands-on Therapy
Pain Reduction
Neuromuscular Re-education
Post-surgical Rehab
Otago Exercise Program Training

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