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Hospital Re-admission Reduction

The issue of unnecessary hospital readmissions is now front and center in the national conversation about the quality of health care. Readmission to a hospital is major obstacle for seniors in returning to their prior level of function.

Avoidable readmissions are a strong indicator of a fragmented health care system that too often leaves discharged patients confused about how to care for themselves at home, and unable to follow instructions and get the necessary follow-up care. Readmissions are also a costly price to pay for a system that doesn’t have resources to spare; Medicare alone reports spending $17.8 billion a year on patients whose return trips to the hospital could have been avoided.

At the time of discharge from a hospital or home health agency, patients can be left confused and unsure of what the next step is in their treatment. They may be referred to outpatient therapy to continue their rehab, or they may no longer qualify for services from a home health agency. Often, lack of follow up care can be disastrous. In our experience, a large percentage of seniors who have been referred to outpatient therapy for follow up simply do not go.

Our goal is to improve coordination of care and create a smooth transition from home health to outpatient PT. By bringing outpatient physical therapy to the home, we are ensuring that our patient get continued therapy, continue to work towards their rehab goals, and maintain a safe environment at home.